Third Party Risk

Is your company’s future in the hands of a third party?

Third party risk management refers to all activities related to third parties, including risk ranking, screening, data collection, documentation, and ongoing monitoring.

What do you know about your vendor population?
• What important or private data am I sharing with my vendors?
• Are my vendors financially healthy and stable?
• Am I aware of data breaches and other “headline” news about my vendors?
• Am I doing too much business with a single vendor? What is my exposure?

Adelantus Risk can help you create robust Third Party Risk Management. Get a customized “risk based” solution for policy, procedures and tools.
• Evaluate current state with in depth analysis & review
• Design an effective Third Party Risk Management program with effective governance, comprehensive policy & best of breed procedures and technology.
• Onboard current population to the new process and Operate continuous risk based reviews

Adelantus Risk has extensive expertise & best practices customized to your individual company’s needs. Contact us today!

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