Adelantus Risk is a professional services and human capital company that focuses on Risk Management, Compliance, Technology & Automation.

Risk management involves the entire organization.

Every employee has a part to play in identifying & escalating Risk.

Companies face increasing expectations by regulators and a competitive environment where failures are costly and impactful. How strong is your governance, risk and compliance culture?

Financial risks have never been more severe. Collateral, reserves, credit ratings, and investment policies all demand constant inspection to effectively manage and mitigate risk.

Companies should also be alert to risks presented by third party vendors, suppliers and providers. A partner who defaults or whose business collapses can have serious financial and reputational ramifications for everyone.

Fraud risks are also increasing. Cyber threats are growing and in the headlines daily.  Hackers find security weaknesses in all areas and aspects of the business. Are your systems, people and tools fast enough to detect and respond to this risk?

Adelantus Risk can help your company get access to the subject matter experts with the experience needed to build a plan and execute.

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